Bihar government launches e-mapi portal for measurement of land

portal for measurement of land

portal for measurement of land

Introduction of e-mapi Portal:

The state revenue and land reforms department unveiled the e-mapi portal on Wednesday, aiming to enhance transparency and reduce land measurement disputes. Landowners can now conveniently apply online through this platform, and they can track their application status at

Alok Kumar Mehta, the Minister of the department, announced that state government-appointed amins will no longer require landowners to visit block and circle offices for land measurement.

Features and Processes of the e-mapi Portal: 

Discussing the portal’s features and amenities, Mehta highlighted that landowners must complete online registration, providing land details and contact numbers. Subsequently, the circle officer will authenticate land details and notify adjacent landholders (chauhadidaar) to gather at the specified plot on a set date. Following this, relevant revenue officers will propose measurements. If there are objections, individuals can address them to the respective circle officer (CO).

Fees and Timelines:

The government has set the amin fee at Rs500 per plot for rural regions and Rs1000 for urban areas as well.

The completion of the process should occur within a maximum of 30 working days from the date of applying online.

Tatkal Facility:

The department has implemented the ‘Tatkal’ facility. This service aims to accommodate individuals residing outside the state who are on a brief visit specifically for land measurement purposes. Under this expedited service, individuals availing themselves of the service are required to remit a fee. The fee is set at Rs1000 per plot in rural areas or Rs2000 in urban localities.

The minister insisted that they must complete the entire land measurement process for such cases within seven working days.

Timely Responsibilities of Amins and Circle Officers:

According to Mehta, it is imperative for the amin to undertake the task of measuring a plot within a strict timeframe of two days. Once the amin completes the task, the amin diligently compile and submit the comprehensive report to the CO (Chief Officer).

It’s the CO’s responsibility to disseminate this information to the public through the designated portal.

He took a moment to clarify that the measurement services would be provided without charge. The state government specifically targets individuals who have allocated land for housing purposes through this initiative.

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