Kerala Records Daily Surge: Over 500 Covid-19 +Cases



Kerala’s Alarming Covid-19 Surge

Over 500 new cases of Covid-19 are reported daily in Kerala, a state where the number of illnesses has been steadily rising. Recent statistics indicate the persistence of this worrisome tendency. The state reported a total of 519 new cases and three unfortunate viral deaths on Tuesday. Three more fatalities and 514 new cases on Wednesday further exacerbated the situation. Thus, the state’s active instances of Covid-19 have risen to 2,341, significantly increasing December’s already rising toll of Covid-related deaths, which presently stands at 16. Kerala’s data was reported to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). The alarming increase in cases and deaths highlights the continuous difficulties the state’s healthcare system is facing in controlling the pandemic.

Evolving Symptoms and Critical Cases of Covid-19

The Union health ministry has been actively urging doctors across the country to diligently observe and track the evolving patterns and evidence related to Covid cases and their associated symptoms. According to medical practitioners closely involved in this monitoring process, a significant portion of patients seeking medical attention have been presenting with a range of symptoms, including persistent cough, body pain, weakness, and sporadic fever. However, what’s notably concerning is the emergence of a small yet critical subset of cases where patients are rapidly deteriorating, necessitating immediate hospitalization. This particular group comprises individuals predominantly of advanced age, and many of them exhibit various co-morbidities, further complicating their health conditions. This trend has sparked heightened concern among healthcare professionals as they strive to navigate the complexities of treating these severe cases amidst the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic.

Healthcare Challenges and Hospital Preparedness

Dr. M I Sahadulla, chairman and managing director of KIMS Healthcare Group and president of the Association of Healthcare Providers India (Kerala chapter), expressed concerns about the escalating trend of Covid-19-related hospitalizations across all age demographics. Currently, their hospital is accommodating between 15 to 20 Covid patients, and there’s a notable necessity for ICU care, especially among elderly individuals. Acknowledging the unanticipated surge, the hospital swiftly responded by expanding dedicated Covid wards to meet the escalating demand. Emphasizing the importance of safety measures, Dr. Sahadulla underscored the mandatory mask-wearing and sanitizer use for all incoming patients to mitigate further spread within the facility. As the situation evolves, they continue to adapt their resources to provide the best possible care while advocating for preventative measures to curb the virus’s transmission.

Positivity Rates and Urgent Containment Efforts

The significant surge in Covid-19 positivity rates over the preceding five months became the focal point of a comprehensive discussion during the latest IMA Covid meeting held on Tuesday. The in-depth analysis of gathered data starkly delineated the evolution of this positivity trend: initially resting at a modest 1% in August, it gradually climbed to 2% by September and sustained the same rate through October. However, the situation took a drastic turn in November when the positivity rate surged to a concerning 8%. Presently, the latest data paints an even graver picture, with the positivity rate soaring to approximately 30%, vividly underscoring the pervasive spread of the virus within the community. This rapid escalation has prompted intensified efforts to contain the virus and underscores the urgent need for heightened vigilance and stringent preventive measures to curb its transmission.

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