Top Five Most Expensive Indian Players in IPL History

Indian Players in IPL

Indian Players in IPL

In the 2015 IPL auction, Delhi Daredevils made a record purchase by acquiring Yuvraj Singh for Rs 16 crore, making him the highest-priced Indian player at the time.

Let’s explore the top five most expensive Indian players signings in IPL auction history ahead of the upcoming IPL auction set for Dubai in 2024.

Yuvraj Singh – All-rounder

Team: Delhi Daredevils | Price: Rs 16 crore | Year: 2015 |

During the IPL 2015 auction, Yuvraj Singh, celebrated for his captivating prowess in shaping match-winning innings for India on the international stage, etched his name in history as the highest-priced Indian player in IPL history.

In 2015, Yuvraj Singh fetched an impressive bid of Rs 16 crore from the Delhi Daredevils. Known for his dynamic batting and valuable off-spin contributions, his game had soared in demand within the league. Despite the anticipation that came with his hefty paycheck, he fell short of expectations and was released after a single season. Notably, Yuvraj had previously drawn a bid of Rs 14 crore from the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2014 IPL auction, only to be let go after an underwhelming performance.

Ishan Kishan – Wicket-Keeper Batsman

Team: Mumbai Indians | Price: Rs 15.25 crore | Year: 2022 |

Since 2018, Ishan Kishan, the dynamic left-handed batsman, has consistently clinched victories for Mumbai Indians with his aggressive yet strategic style, marking numerous match-winning performances.

Although not retained in 2022, MI brought him back at a record price. Kishan’s capacity to dictate innings or rapidly shift gears, coupled with his proficient wicket-keeping skills, earned him a noteworthy bid of Rs 15.25 crore from Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2022 auction. Nevertheless, despite scoring 321 runs in 11 games with an average of 32.10 and a strike rate of 117.15, Ishan Kishan fell short of justifying the high bidding during that season.

Gautam Gambhir – Left-Handed Batsman

Team: Kolkata Knight Riders | Price: Rs 14.9 crore | Year: 2011 | 

During the IPL 2011 auction, Gautam Gambhir, a revered figure in Indian cricket, witnessed an astronomical surge in his value as the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) clinched his services for a monumental sum of Rs 14.9 crore. Gambhir’s strong leadership, good batting, and how well he motivated his team helped KKR win the IPL in 2012 and 2014. Gambhir proved that the franchise spending a lot of money on him was worth it because he made a real difference to the team’s success while he was playing.

Deepak Chahar – Fast Bowler 

Team: Chennai Super Kings | Price: Rs 14 crore | Year: 2022 |

During the IPL 2022 auction, Chennai Super Kings got Deepak Chahar for Rs 14 crore because he’s really good at swinging the ball and getting important wickets.

Chahar’s great bowling skills helped him get a big offer from the CSK team. This shows that the team believes he can make a big difference.But after the auction, something bad happened to Chahar. He suffered a debilitating back injury and couldn’t play for the whole season. This shows that sports can be unpredictable, and teams can face difficulties even if they make careful decisions in auctions to get good players.

Dinesh Karthik – Wicket-Keeper, Batsman

Team: Delhi Daredevils | Price: Rs 12.50 crore | Year: 2014 |

In the 2014 IPL auction, Dinesh Karthik, who’s really good at keeping wickets and batting, got a lot of attention. He ended up getting a big offer of Rs 12.50 crore from the Delhi Daredevils. His skill set behind the stumps and ability to contribute with the bat solidified his position as a prized acquisition.

Yuvraj Singh, Ishan Kishan, Gautam Gambhir, Deepak Chahar, and Dinesh Karthik are the priciest players in the Indian auctions. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and Rohit Sharma, who are already part of teams, get a lot of money from their franchises and are also among the most expensive players in the IPL.

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